Banda de Power Metal/Hard Rock Cristão da Suécia.

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1998 Awakening
1998 Long Live the King
2001 Desert Land
2003 The Great Fall
2004 At Short Notice... Live in Germany
2006 Enter the Gate
2007 Decade of Confession (Compilation)

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01 Break The Chains
02 No More Shadows From The Past
03 The Return Of Aslan
04 Heavenly Love
05 Time Of Changes
06 The Awakening
07 Touch From You
08 Sign Of The Time

Long Live the King
1. "Gates of Cair Paravail" (intro) [instrumental]
2. "Living Water"
3. "Shelter Through the Pain"
4. "The Mission"
5. "What You Give is What You Get"
6. "The Lost Son"
7. "Long Live the King"
8. "Dangerous Game"
9. "Star Over Bethlehem"
10. "Shadowlands" (outro) [instrumental]
Blz André.

Desert Land
1. "Inner Sanctum"
2. "The Witch and the Lion"
3. "Falling from the Throne"
4. "Revolution of Mother Earth"
5. "The Light at the End of the Tunnel" [instrumental]
6. "Angels Are Crying"
7. "Walking the Wire"
8. "Misty Morning" [instrumental]
9. "Trapped in This Age"

The Great Fall
01. War Preludium
02. The Countdown Has Begun
03. Back From Hell
04. No Time To Lose
05. Innocent Blood
06. Ground Zero (instrumental)
07. Judgement Day
08. Desert Land (instrumental)
09. The Great Fall Of Man

Short Notice...Live in German
1. "Introduction"
2. "Inner Sanctum"
3. "The Mission"
4. "The Countdown Has Begun"
5. "Back From Hell"
6. "No Time To Lose"
7. "Long Live The King"
8. "Living Water"
9. "Shelter Through The Pain"
10. "Dangerous Game"
11. "Awakening"
12. "Break The Chains"
13. "The Witch And The Lion"

Enter the Gate
01 Into This Game
02 People Of The Bloodred Cross
03 Another World
04 Show All The World
05 Enter The Gate
06 Take Me Home
07 This Is My Life
08 Aiming Higher
09 The Man From Nazareth

Decade of ConfessionFaixas:
01 In His Majesty's Service (new song)
02 Into This Game
03 Show All the World
04 Judgement Day
05 Innocent Blood
06 The Countdown has Begun (Live)
07 Back from Hell (Live)
08 No Time to Lose (Live)
09 Inner Sanctum
10 The Witch and the Lion
11 Revolution of Mother Earth
12 The Light at the End of the Tunnel
13 Trapped in This Age
14 Sunrise (Uriah Heep cover)
15 Gates of Cair Paravel
16 Living Water
17 The Mission
18 Shelter Through the Pain
19 Can't Get Enough of You (previously Japan-only)
20 Dangerous Game
21 Long Live the King
22 No More Shadows from the Past
23 Heavenly Love
24 Break the Chains
25 Awakening (Live)
26 Hymn to the North (previously Japan-only)
27 Show All the World (Remix) (previously unreleased)
DOWNLOAD(Badongo) (CD 1)
DOWNLOAD(Badongo) (CD 2)
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