Mad At The world

Banda de Hard Rock Cristão de Irvine, California, USA.

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.... Back to Life
1987 Mad at the World
1988 Flowers in the Rain
1990 Seasons of Love
1991 Boomerang
1992 Through the Forest
1993 The Ferris Wheel
1995 The Dreamland Cafe
1998 World History

Seasons Of Love / Mad At The World
01. The Narrow Road
02. Seasons Of Love
03. City Of Anger
04. When The Wind Blows
05. Marshmallow Land
06. Summer's Gone
07. Promised Land
08. So Insane
09. It's Not A Joke
10. The Love That Never Fades
11. Seasons Of Love (Reprise)

Through The Forest
01. That Lonesome Road
02. Trapped
03. Lost In The Forest
04. If I Lose My Way
05. Always Be My Love
06. M.A.T.W. (Reprise)
07. Alone
08. I've Got A Heaven
09. I'll Never Go Back There
10. If I Can Dream

The Ferris Wheel
01.Not The Same
02.Eyes Of Heaven
03.Jesus Lead Me
04.No Secrets
05.When Life Has A Plan
06.Going Nowhere Again
07.Losing Game
08.ll My Life
09.The Love
10.Inside Of Heaven's Gate

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